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If only

If only…

Grant me just a single “if only” and I would probably be a billionaire by now.  If only I had mortgaged myself to the hilt and bought more buy to let properties in the early 1990s when they were so cheap.  If only I had bought all the estate agency and letting businesses that I […]

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What to do if your business wont sell

There have been a lot of stories in the trade press recently about the extraordinary prices that are being achieved for estate agency and letting businesses.  One letting business has just sold for twenty-six times its profit!  Another single office letting business sold for over £5 million!  These prices truly are extraordinary but unfortunately there is […]

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Time to call it a day

Time to call it a day?

If you have decided to sell your business… hold on! Adam J Walker has some excellent advice to achieve the best result. Good presentation can make an enormous difference to the price that a vendor achieves when selling a house and the same is true when selling a business. Here are my 12 top tips […]

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